Platter Menu

Platter Menu

All platters designed for groups of 20 guests. For light bites, 3 item selections are recommended. For heavy hours d’ oeuvres, pick 5 or more.

Fresh Vegetable Crudite
seasonal vegetables and buttermilk dressing

West Coast Cheese Display
cheeses from the west coast with fig jam,
marcona almonds and baguettes

American Charcuterie Board
prosciutto, salami, roast beef, tavern ham,
cornichons, mustard, and baguettes

Mediterranean Meze Plate
hummus, olives, Bogies almonds and
house-made pita

Three Pizzas (GF crust additional per pizza)
choice of: cheese, pepperoni, or margherita
(basil and mozzarella)

Wings (50 pieces)
choice of: buffalo, sweet habanero or lemon pepper,
served with blue cheese, carrots, and celery

Sliders (40 pieces)
angus beef patties, cheddar cheese, arugula,
and toasted bun